Religion, Pesantren Traditional and Socio-Cultural Transformation in South Sulawesi

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    Judul: Religion, Pesantren Traditional and Socio-Cultural Transformation in South Sulawesi

    Penulis: Drs. Wahyuddin Halim, M.A., Ph.D.
    ISBN: –
    Halaman: viii, 185 hlm
    Cover: Soft Cover
    Ukuran: 15.5 x 23 cm
    Berat: 350 gr

    This book reflects a broad scope in exploring the role of religion, Islamic boarding school traditions, and cultural transformation in the development of society in South Sulawesi.
    In this book, readers will be taken on a journey to explore cultural, religious and social changes in South Sulawesi.
    This book examines Arab influences, the role of religious figures such as Kiai Haji Muhammad As’ad al-Bugisy, the development of Islamic boarding schools, and how social media influences the way religion is conveyed and understood in modern society. The parties. With an anthropological and theological perspective, this book presents a case study of the role of the As’adiyah Islamic Boarding School in Wajo, South Sulawesi, in the transmission of Islamic religious knowledge, maintenance of Islamic traditions, and provision.
    It is hoped that this book can be used as a valuable guide in studying history, especially the history of religion and culture in South Sulawesi, as well as exploring the role of religion and Islamic boarding schools in social and cultural transformation.
    Apart from that, the author hopes that this book can provide in-depth insight and a better understanding of social, cultural and religious transformation in South Sulawesi.
    Enjoy reading, and hopefully this book can inspire thought for its readers.


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