Types of Word Formation in English

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    Judul: Types of Word Formation in English

    Penulis: Dwi Astuti Wahyu Nurhayati, Nadiya Rahma Kamila, Siti Samrotul Janah
    Editor: Nadiya Rahma Kamila
    Jumlah Halaman: vi + 100 hlm
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    The word formation process can be defined as a way of forming and creating new words from the use of old words. In other words, the use of word formation can be determined of value when the rules for the formation of words are not identical to the rules for the formation of sentences. It means that word formation is specifically formed words with the certain processes.
    Many types of word formation processes are discussed in morphology. These are blending, clipping, acronyms, backformation, inflection, multiple processes, echoism, reduplication, prefixation, suffixation, conversion, coinage, borrowing, derivation, and hypocorism. All of them are important to learn in order to know how the process of word formation.


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