The Recipes of Literature

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    Judul: The Recipes of Literature: The Unlikely Way a Professor Mastering Literature

    Penulis: R. Setiawan
    ISBN: –
    Halaman: 142 hlm
    Cover: Soft Cover
    Ukuran: 14 x 20 cm
    Berat: 150 gr


    This book is divided into two main parts: the definition of literature in a more realistic context and the literary genre. These two sections are the most important basis for understanding literature.
    The existence of writing in this book stems from my anxiety because there is a paradigm shift in understanding literature. Literature now is not only dominated by oldfashioned definitions of beautiful language, great meanings and so on. Precisely the presence of google, social media, and all changes in civilization actually make literature more dynamic and flexible. That is, literature is not only about words that are difficult for ordinary people to understand; literature is an expression mediated by language and the message in that expression can be conveyed. That’s the essence. We no longer need to argue that literature has an exclusive space, literature touches reality and everyone can enjoy it because literature teaches us all.


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