Linguistics: An Overview of The Study of Language

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    Judul: Linguistics: An Overview of The Study of Language
    Penulis: Dwi Astuti wahyu Nurhayati
    Editor: Dwi Astuti wahyu Nurhayati
    ISBN: –
    Cover: Soft Cover
    Halaman: vi + 251 hlm
    Berat: 300 gr
    Ukuran: 14 x 20 cm
    Linguistics and its branches play important role for language users to understand and examine the study of language. As the basis knowledge of language, it is very essential for them to learn and acquire more and deeper especially in comprehending the theoretical and also the practice. It is why the author tries to introduce this book as a handbook for the beginner to initiate and establish all the linguistics material related English language related to the history English development, morphology, syntax, discourse analysis, pragmatics, semantics, structure of English text, and etc. Decisively, it is counted on that it could enhance the language users ‘familiarity, awareness, expertise, insight and know-how to determine linguistics.


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