Dark Curve

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    Judul: Dark Curve

    Penulis: R. Setiawan, Rama Putra Dirgantara, Anggara Saputra, Putri Dwi Anggriani, Aisyah Maudy Nur Rohmah, [dan 14 lainnya] Editor: R. Setiawan, Fuad Maftukhan, Nur Avita A. D.

    ISBN: –
    Halaman: 110 hlm
    Cover: Soft Cover
    Ukuran: 14 x 20 cm
    Berat: 150 gr

    Feelings are a mysterious spectrum that brings humans to a dynamic nuance, sometimes bright, sometimes dark and gloomy. Gloomy feelings are usually influenced by disappointment, loss, guilt, and upsetting things.
    This collection of poetry exposes the dark side of feelings which is usually correlated with negative things, whereas the dark side of emotions is something that is human and natural. Like the sky that refracts blue, like the ocean that roars with waves, the darkness in the heart is the sediment of painful experiences. This collection of poems brings us nostalgia to the most primitive state of our most authentic soul.
    Thank you to all those who have helped to make this book so extraordinary. Thanks to God who has brought abundant blessings and strength to the contributors in this book.


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